About Us

Buying and Selling property with the help of online portals is becoming a trend these days. When there are a lot of property classifieds then you would be wondering why propguru.com?propguru.com has established just at the right time to give the best property related solutions for the benefit of buyers, sellers, builders and agents across India. propguru.com believes in delivering quality service in terms of user experience and aims to create more and more happy customers. propguru.com offers a galore of real estate solutions to make the buying, selling or renting of properties easy and convenient. With the largest searchable online property database, propguru.com fulfills the needs of anyone who is interested in buying, selling or reselling properties. All you got to do is register and avail the benefits all for FREE!

propguru.com Uniqueness

propguru.com is a free online property classifieds portal specifically designed to deliver complete solutions for all property related searches. What makes us unique is our highly interactive user-interface that is intelligently designed keeping in mind the various people and their property requirements. propguru.com does not stop with just providing the property listings but also updates you with all the latest property launches, leading real estate trends, property news, rates and prices. You can easily search, find and compare properties and properties based on your expectations.If there is any new launch for a particular month, you will find it upfront on the website. If there are any property related questions, the propguru.com experts are always ready to answer your queries promptly. propguru.com has a state-of-the-art robust technology to enhance and simplify the process of buying and selling properties or projects through our online platform. So whatever be your property requirement, the solution is a click away.

propguru.com Experts

propguru.com aims to help buyers, builders and agents in smart decision making while buying and selling any property. For people who are looking for real estate experts to help them in solving property related queries, propguru.com helps deliver the right information clearly and quickly. Check out for the latest property news across the country and get your questions answered by propguru.com experts.

As an Individual: Buyer

As a buyer, you can search for properties, post your requirement and also create property wishlists on propguru.com to get matching properties and projects details. You get a benefit of joining groups discussing about similar properties that match your interests as well. What more, propguru.com helps you invite friends to your contact list that helps you share, discuss property related news and get recommendations from one another. This will enhance your property search all the more. Managing site visits becomes so very easy with appropriate notifications and tracking facility for every communication in this regard. propguru.com has a very systematic emailing system and mobile alert mechanisms to keep you updated of every action that you do in propguru.com. As a buyer if you have any property related queries, there are propguru.com experts to guide you with instant answers. So register FREE and get started.

As an Individual: Seller

If you are looking to sell or rent your property, then propguru.com is the right place to be. Post the property details and property pictures so that you get speedier responses. You can promote with propguru.com to advertise your property and speed up the responses. The process is not at all cumbersome and this guarantees quick responses from prospective buyers and investors. Apart from these you get a benefit of a very explicit dashboard displaying all the services you can avail in propguru.com that will definitely help you sell or rent your property to the best investor. You can manage property responses based on the enquiries that you receive. An interactive propguru.com friend list feature helps you add or invite friends to your network. For any queries, propguru.com experts are right here to help you.

As an Individual: Investor

propguru.com showcases a very good database with property listing of builders and agents across India. When you plan to invest in residential or commercial property, just post your requirement in propguru.com and relax. propguru.com helps you with recommended properties or matching properties and even new launches based on your requirement. You can invite friends in your propguru.com network to share and real estate news and recommend property details to each other. Site visit is a usual feature but propguru.com helps you manage site visit details with prompt notifications. You can join groups that interest you and be part of the discussions or activities in the group. propguru.com helps you right through to make the right investing decision and you have to pay nothing at all.

As a Builder

If you are builder, you need to first register yourself in propguru.com. Once you have registered, you can post your property in the site. You can easily keep track of who viewed your property and other details in your account page. There is a separate section for site Visits also. All the site visit requests requested for your property are shown here. You can also keep contacts with the other builders and add them to your friends list. Attractive microsites can also be created for your projects.

As a Broker/Agent

If you are an agent or broker the propoguru assists you best in selling your property. Post property details and also create an exclusive microsite for any particular project or property. You can post property updates and manage responses from prospective buyers and investors. You can stay connected to buyers and investors by joining relevant groups and also by inviting friends to your propguru.com network.